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 We had a great time! Luis and Ivan were great guides and very accommodating. It was definitely the experience of a lifetime. The water is cold but the suits keep your body dry. I am very happy I decided to do it!..More

Ivan B


 We went SCUBA diving and snorkeling with IAT and we had a blast! It was a day of laughter and great time along with the best dives ever.
IAT you are the best, thank you for all the fun and the friendly, professional approach...More



 I went on the snorkelling trip in Sifra in August 2015 with Sigrun and Val. It was a great day out. The pick up at the hotel was excellent and went more smoothly than many other operators. The trip to Thingvellir was beautiful and the snorkelling its..More



 I was pretty nervous before our snorkeling tour knowing that we were about to get into freezing cold water, but I am SO GLAD I did this! The view is absolutely incredible. The thermal garment and drysuit that they provide do a decent job of keeping y..More

Karin G


 An incredible view under the surface. Would have been interesting with more facts before entering entering the water...More

Mark W


 Ivan and Luis were wonderful in making sure that our drysuits fit perfectly. Their tour was great, they were generous with their time, and they also took numerous pictures to enable us to focus on the experience. Silfra in the rain was stunning. Than..More

Stephen S


 I highly recommend snorkeling in the Silfra Rift if you get the chance! It is a breathtakingly beautify experience, with some of the clearest water in the world! The guides with Icelandic Adventure Tours were fantastic. There were enough of them tha..More

Haley L


 Our experience was wonderful and breathtaking! We had an amazing time with our helpful, funny, and knowledgeable guides. It’s a fantastic experience and I’d highly recommend it!

Thank you!!!

Haley & Katie..More



 My husband and I did this tour about halfway through our vacation in Iceland and it was AMAZING. They give you all the gear you need and you honestly stay so dry and warm! (Minus your face and hands!) They even give you warm coffee/hot chocolate and ..More

Traci D


 Manuel and Ivan were great guides! Laid back, fun, and knowledgeable. I could tell they wanted each guest to have a great experience. Getting into the dry suit is quite the process, but a fun experience if you’ve never done it! And it does keep you..More

Kaylene B


 From start to finish, silfra was an amazing tour. Our guide, Ivan was amazing. He was funny, informative, and an overall great guide. This was easily the highlight of my trip to Iceland...More



 Just finished our tour of Iceland with our 13 year old granddaughter. First stop, blue lagoon. Do it right from the plane. Not when you go home. After the blue lagoon, the adventures started. The first 2 were organized by ARCTIC AVENTURE TOURS. They..More



 Snorkelling there was so nice though a bit cold, the water is increasingly clear and the team with Louis and Ivan is so cool!..More

John S


 All day tour of some of attractions in gold circle area. Driver was personable and informative. Only minus was there wasn't much time to see the sites at each stop. I know its tough to fit that into the travel time and such. If you are going to do th..More



 We had the family there, mom, dad, two sons and their spouses. All of us were different skill levels, and all of us enjoyed the trip immensely. Luis was really good guiding us through the water and got some great (free!) pics. Manual and Ivan led oth..More



 We had the family there, mom, dad, two sons and their spouses. All of us were different skill levels, and all of us enjoyed the trip immensely. Luis was really good guiding us through the water and got some great (free!) pics. Manual and Ivan led oth..More



 The tour was amazing, very knowledgeable guide was very safety conscious and made sure we were all comfortable. Really great as this is a small company therefore you get really personal service our tour consisted of four guest including my husband an..More



 My boyfriend and I got the opportunity to Snorkel in the Silfra, which we highly recommend to anyone visiting Iceland. Our tour guides were Ivan, Manuel, and Luis whom were absolutely amazing. They all were very patient, helpful, and fun! Ivan was ou..More



 We had such a blast, we really enjoyed the snorkeling. The staff is super nice, I strongly recommend this company!..More

Omar E


 Silfra was an amazing and super cold ( I had a wetsuit and not a drysuit) definitely worth it tho, Luis our guide was super friendly and with a great vibe, the whole experience was great. I would definitely wdo it again but in a dry suit...More