Iceland Adventure Tours is a local Tour Operator and a Traveling Agency in Iceland.

Are you an adventure enthusiast with a taste for extraordinary experiences?  This Nordic wonderland is a playground for Adventurers, where every turn promises exhilaration, natural beauty, and unforgettable moments. Join us on a thrilling journey through the exciting world of Iceland Adventure Tours, where fun is guaranteed, and surprises are just around the corner.

From hiking on glaciers to exploring volcanic craters.  Snorkeling between tectonic plates, and chasing the Northern Lights, we offer an adrenaline rush like no other. Whether you’re an experienced daredevil or a curious novice, there’s something for everyone in this land of fire and ice, So, pack your bags and prepare for a journey where thrills meet chills in the stunning landscapes of Iceland.

 Be it scaling glaciers, diving into volcanic chambers, or encountering marine life,

Iceland’s fiery heart is on full display with its active volcanoes. Adventure tours provide a unique opportunity to explore these volcanic wonders safely. Descend into dormant magma chambers or witness live eruptions, all while learning about the geology and history of these geological wonders

These tours provide a perfect blend of adventure and education. So, pack your spirit of adventure, and embark on an Icelandic journey, filled with exhilaration and awe. Iceland beckons, ready to unveil its secrets and wonders to the adventurer in you, promising a mix of thrills, chills, and unforgettable spills.

 We also create specially designed Private- Adventure Tours with our customers needs at heart.An Adventure of a lifetime awaits! hand-picked by our local experts.

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 Thanks Ivan, Louis and Juanito (not sure of the spelling!) we really enjoyed our guided tour today. The Silfra was amazing and exceeded our expectations. We loved your humour, friendliness and professionalism!..More



 This was an amazing tour, and I'm so thrilled that I decided to do it, despite nerves about the cold water! Our guides, Carlos, Manuel, and Ivan were all fantastic and extremely helpful - from helping us get into all of the snorkeling gear to checkin..More



 Me lo pensé mucho y leí muchas opiniones antes de decantarme por Iceland Adventure Tours, lo recomiendo sin ninguna duda. Son puntuales, amables, los equipos son adecuados (con el traje seco no pasas frío), incluye las fotografías y nuestro gu..More



 Had an awesome time snorkeling in the Silfra. It was so cool to float between the tectonic plates. You can see incredibly rock formations, cool fish, and lots of brightly colored plant life. Juan was an amazing guide! He was helpful, funny and provid..More



 One of a kind experience, unforgettable.
If you travel to Iceland this trip should be the first on your list.
Joe was our guide. We met him at the park's information center and he drove us to the snorkeling area. He was extremely frien..More



 It was fantastic, incredible, amazing!!! Singru, our guide, managed to let us be the first in the Silfra waters, and this is a privilege. IAT offers snorkeling experience in small group and that is as well a privilege! Besides IAT is one of the cheap..More

Rebecca G


 Iceland Adventure Tours is a smaller tour operator so you'll receive more personal service. I always got a prompt reply to emails regarding the tour and our pick-up at the hotel was prompt and easy. We were also surprised with free photos of our to..More



 This experience for our family with two teens was amazing! Luis and Ivan were very thorough and made sure everyone had a fun and safe time. Their warm personalities and kindness created a wonderful enviroment to explore the silfra fissure. We would r..More



 Had a fabulous time on this tour thanks to Iceland Adventure Tours and Joe - our guide for the day. The organisation for this tour, from the initial inquiries, through to the communication at our Iceland Hotel and on the actual day was excellent. Sno..More



 Tour was awesome! This company is super easy to work with, prepared us well and gave us an experience of a lifetime! Our guide was Luis and he was very cool and super helpful. He had a good sense of a humor and put us at ease immediately. I went wit..More

Sina N


 The tour with Iceland Adventure Tour was perfect!! 5 stars! Thank you! We can absolutly recommend it to everybody! If you plan a trip to Iceland, go with Iceland Adventure Tours!..More

Tom C


 This was a once in a lifetime type of snorkel. It does take some getting used to. You are very warm for the most part in the dry suit your face will however get numb. After about 20 minutes you will be fine. Make sure your mask seals well and don't k..More

Sharon P


 We saw everything there was to see in the area (and then some). We had two nights of sightseeing the Northern Lights with pictures taken etc. We saw beautiful waterfalls, did a jeep tour up the mountain and through the streams. We even were entert..More



 Snorkelling there was so nice though a bit cold, the water is increasingly clear and the team with Louis and Ivan is so cool!..More

Karin G


 An incredible view under the surface. Would have been interesting with more facts before entering entering the water...More



 My boyfriend and I got the opportunity to Snorkel in the Silfra, which we highly recommend to anyone visiting Iceland. Our tour guides were Ivan, Manuel, and Luis whom were absolutely amazing. They all were very patient, helpful, and fun! Ivan was ou..More



 Our guides were great, Ivan was so cool and helpful and joked with us the whole time. Carlos was ridiculous and hilarious! The water is FREEZING but their group was definitely the best of the bunch, If I did it again I’d ask for them! ⭐️⭐️..More



 We had a great time! Luis and Ivan were great guides and very accommodating. It was definitely the experience of a lifetime. The water is cold but the suits keep your body dry. I am very happy I decided to do it!..More



 I’ve always loved any activities that’s with water. I thought this would be amazing and just as easy as swimming. When we arrived in Silfra, the guide divers explained everything and helped wearing with dry suit and all the gears. Once we were r..More

Christie H


 What an incredible experience. I was nervous about being cold - but it wasn't as bad as I thought! The water is CRYSTAL BLUE and gorgeous. We had a bright sunny day and Carlos our guide was fantastic. The guide takes gopro photos for you, so you have..More