Please read the terms and conditions carefully, since we assume if we receive a booking through this website and/or request on e-mail, that you have read them and accepted them.


When you book a tour on the website,, we assume that you have read the terms and condition and you have accepted them.

When Iceland Adventure Tours has received full payment and a confirmation invoice, a contract between you and Iceland Adventure Tours has come into existence, not before.

If a person makes a booking for more than one person, he/she is responsible for payment from all in the group as well as accepting the terms and conditions on behalf of all in the group.

When a tour is booked you will receive a voucher with your order number and details. It is important to check the details on the invoice when you get it. If any details on the voucher or you invoice seem to be incomplete or incorrect, please contact us as soon as possible.

Also keep in mind that it is important to bring your voucher with you and give it to the tour operator, the voucher is your ticket.

If there is any problem with your booking we will be in touch as soon as possible. Any changes with the tour, such as pick up time/meeting time or cancelations due to weather will be sent via email the day before so please make sure you give us a valid email address.

If you need to change a booking, we will try to assist you in any way possible. The sooner you are in touch, the better. If you need to change a booking, contact us through the contact form on or send us an e-mail to We can’t guarantee that we can change a tour, but we will always do our best.

If you need to cancel your booked arrangements, you must give us written notice by email signed by the same person who made the original booking. Iceland Adventure Tours will do it best regarding your cancellation request. Cancellations should be sent to

Limitations and Restrictions:

Participation in tours offered by Iceland Adventure Tours is contingent on meeting certification and experience requirements. It is the responsibility of the client to produce sufficient proof of certification and experience when requested by Iceland Adventure Tours and it is understood that failure to produce proof may result in a cancellation of their tours without refund.

All clients participating in scuba diving must provide proof of certification by a recognized diver training agency. Clients participating in multiple day tours that involve scuba diving must provide proof of dry suit diving experience, with a minimum of 10 logged dry suit dives and advanced diving certification from a recognized diver training agency for dive sites outside of Reykjavík.

All clients participating in snorkeling must affirm they have previous swimming experience. Clients without swimming or snorkeling experience are not advised to participate in snorkeling tours with Iceland Adventure Tours.

Cancellations Terms:

The method of refund payments is the same as the original payment. For example, if payment was made by credit card, the refund will be to the same credit card. Based on the time a written cancellation was received, a refund percentage is determined. Fluctuations in exchange rates are not in our control so the amount in your currency might differ.

Cancellation refund for regular day tours and multiday tours:

The suppliers (third party) terms & conditions and cancellation policy is valid for each tour.

Cancellation refund for private tours:

More than two weeks prior tour departure: 90% refund.
Less than two weeks and more than one week prior to tour departure: 75% refund.
Less than one week and more than 72 hours prior to tour departure: 50% refund.
Less than 72 hours and more than 48 hours prior to departure: 25% refund.
Less than 48 hours prior to tour departure: Non-refundable.

Iceland Adventure Tours advises all clients to buy comprehensive travel insurance to minimize financial loss due to cancellation.


Currency exchange is based on the daily exchange rate of the Central Bank of Iceland and therefore exchange differences may fluctuate until final payment is made.


For all tours that are operated by a third party, Iceland Adventure Tours cannot be responsible for accidents or injury which can be traced to tour operators or customers own action.


Iceland Adventure Tours sells tours from third-party tour operators, therefore Iceland Adventure Tours cannot be held accountable for changes that a tour operator might make.

Iceland Adventure Tours is also not liable for expenses because of accidents or sickness, strikes that will affect your tour, changes in flights schedules or other happenings that Iceland Adventure Tours has no control over like weather or volcano activities.