Icelandic Lava Show – Vik

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Tour Highlights:

  • A short educational video about Icelandic volcanism
  • A true story from the 1918 Katla eruption
  • A sensory-loaded experience – you feel the heat from the lava
  • A Q&A session at the end of the show


  • The Icelandic Lava Show
  • Security googles

Icelandic Lava Show

Are you fascinated with lava, volcanoes, and geology? Would you like to see red-hot lava up close in a safe environment? Are you embarking on a journey through Iceland, the land of fire and ice? If the answer is YES, you must see the Lava Show in Vík. It is the only live lava show in the world and has become one of the must-see experiences in Iceland!

An incredible and unique experience

To recreate a miniature volcano eruption, they superheat natural lava from the 1918 Katla eruption and, once molten, pour it into a showroom full of people. It is an incredible, unforgettable experience. In an instant, the showroom heats up to a toasty temperature. And as the audience sits safely in their seats yet only a few feet away from the flowing lava, it is mesmerizing to see, hear, smell and feel the incredible heat that radiates from it. It truly is a sensational experience!

The show begins with a short welcome by the host and then a short educational video about Icelandic volcanism, the volcanoes close by – with particular emphasis on the Katla volcano – and how the surrounding volcanoes have affected the locals throughout the ages. 

Once the lava starts flowing into the showroom, the host begins PLAYING WITH THE LAVA! The host manipulates the lava with an iron rod, creating Pele’s hair and tears, a small lava tunnel, and a little lava cave, and explains everything about what’s happening as it goes. It is such an intimate, educational, and entertaining experience and so different from everything else you’ve ever experienced that you can’t help but feel in awe. And after the show, you truly see the rest of Iceland with different eyes and a newfound appreciation for nature. It is a must-see experience.


We advise people to get there at least 15 minutes before the show, get their bearings and perhaps buy a drink before the show.

It gets HOT in the showroom when the lava pours in, so people are advised to remove some layers of clothing before the show starts. The show is a safe experience, and the heat should not be an issue, but pregnant women, people with infants, and people with cardiovascular diseases are recommended to sit in the second row and close to the exit to be on the safe side.

Everyone is advised to keep their safety goggles on during the show. There is lava in the showroom, not only while it is in molten form, flowing into the room but also when the lava is cooling down and solidifying.

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